T.C. CANINES, LLC - "We Build A Healthy Bond Between You And Your Dog"
T.C. CANINES, LLC based in Portsmouth Virginia offers professional pet training services throughout Hampton Roads. We specialize in:
  • Obedience training,
  • Behavior modification, 
  • Dog walking services
  • Behavior assessments.
So here's the question:

Have you worked with another trainer in the past and did not get the results that you were looking for?

Would'nt the relationship between you and your canine companion be so much more rewarding if you just knew how to communicate with him/her?
Have you ever wondered why your canine companion does not respond to their name or come to you when you call him/her the first time?
When you're at work all day is your furry friend locked up inside the crate until you return home?

Have your neighbors ever complained about your dog's excessive barking while you're at work?
Well I got good news, I have the answer to all of your questions and will be more than glad to assist you with any problems that you're having or just making sure that your dog is receiving the proper amount of exercise that it should be getting on a daily basis while you're at work.
If you want to know how to correct unwanted behavior or establish a clear line of communication with your canine companion, give me a call so we can chat about it. Trust me, I was having the same problems with my dogs that you're having with your dogs until I learned how to communicate with them, and that's the key! 
A lot of people who contact me are owners of a pit bull and they think that training a pit bull requires a different training method than training other breeds, well I'm here to tell you that there is no difference. I work with owners who own all different breed of dogs and I only provide proven dog training methods and reliable dog training methods because anything other than that is in the way and a waste of time and effort.
Thank you for taking time to browse through my website. I look forward to assisting you with any goals that you want to set for your furry little family member.

Just a FYI, "We Come To You"
Pet Services Offered:
  • Basic obedience training         (2-6 one hour sessions) or a 3 lesson package  
  • Advanced obedience training  (2-6 one hour sessions) or a 4 lesson package 
  • Behavior modification              (2-6 one hour sessions) or a 6 lesson package 
  • Dog Walking                            (Monthly or bi-weekly)
  • Behavior Assessments (includes temperament testing, ability and training aptitude)
  • A $10.00 discount applies to:
  • Active military personnel with a valid military I.D.
  • Any dog that's been adopted within the last 90 days. (Proof of adoption has to be provided)
  • All residents of Portsmouth, Va.

Call me today to schedule services or request more info, and ask about my special offers.
Travis W. Collins
P.O. Box 3059
Portsmouth VA, 23701
Phone: (757) 947-7097

We are fully insured and bonded.
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